About us

Founded in 2006, The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE) exists to contribute an authentic Christian perspective on public ethical debates in the United Kingdom and beyond. In collaboration with key partners in academic, political and third sector organisations, we seek to advance a credible understanding of Christian ethics marked by biblical fidelity and contemporary relevance.

Our mission takes shape by:

1. fostering advanced research in Christian ethics

We work in seven key areas of Christian ethics where major challenges arise today: 

2. promoting the formation of Christian scholars and practitioners for leadership on ethical issues

We support the formation of promising Christian scholars through financial and pastoral support, regular research seminars and training in public communication.  For Christian professionals in fields such as law, medicine and business, we offer accessible resources in practical ethics.

3. offering communication of Christian perspectives on ethics

We seek to communicate with three audiences:


Tyndale House

KLICE is part of Tyndale House, an independent centre for research in Biblical Studies, which also possesses an Associated Library of the University of Cambridge. Tyndale House is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 9437542. Registered Office: Tyndale House, 36 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge CB3 9BA. Registered Charity No. 1161396. (Until October 2015, Tyndale House, KLICE and the Tyndale Fellowship formed the Research Division of UCCF, Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.) 

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3Director Position open.

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5. KLICE award-holder and Research Associate organising conference at Aberdeen University on 'Joy and Prosperity'

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