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• 'Why we need a proper debate on the EU', lecture given at the Keeping Faith in the EU? conference, University of Winchester, 9 April 2016.

• 'My kind of "Christian nation"', Theos blog (May 2014).

'"The Full Weight of Our Convictions": The Point of Kuyperian Pluralism', Comment (November 2013).

• 'The role of "faith" in multicultural integration', in Public Spirit (University of Bristol, September 2013).

• 'Marriage Bill signals need for divorce', Church Times 26 July 2013.

• 'The Church of England and the Funeral of Baroness Thatcher', Fulcrum (April 2013).

• 'Can Forgiveness Mute Justice?' (review of Nicholas Wolterstorff, Justice in Love), Comment (March 2013).

• 'Person, Society and State in the Thought of Rowan Williams', lecture given at Von Hugel Institute seminar, November 2012

'The churches' stance on gay marriage is not homophobic', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'A Time to Marry - Twice', Fulcrum website

• 'The problem with Julian Baggini's secular state'Guardian CiF Belief

• 'Can the state redefine social institutions?', Fulcrum website

• 'Why the Bideford ruling on council prayers is a setback for secularism', Guardian CiF Belief

Multiculturalism: A Christian Retrieval (Theos, 2011)

• 'We're wrong to abandon multiculturalism', Theos website (October 2011)

• 'Julian Baggini's articles of faith are a non-starter', Guardian CiF Belief

• A feature article entitled 'Why a "Just Society" must also be a "Big Society"', in the policy journal of a Canadian Christian think tank, Cardus.

• 'Football needs a theology of liberation', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'Law can be influenced by religion', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'Will there ever be a US president who doesn't do God?', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'Religion, royalty and the media', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'Was the Osama bin Laden killing an act of just war?', Guardian CiF Belief

• ‘From “Big State” to “Big Society”: Is British Conservatism Becoming Christian Democratic?’, Comment

• A view of the first 6 months of the Coalition government, for a North American readership: 'Coalitions, cuts and compromises' in Comment magazine

• On the McFarlane v Relate case: 'Religious influence on law: a response to Lord Justice Laws', UKSC blog 11 June

• 'A response to the "secularist manifesto"', Guardian CiF Belief
• 'The Westminster Declaration Defended', Guardian CiF Belief
• 'There's more to faith than sex', Guardian CiF Belief

• 'The statecraft of the UK Coalition Government', in 'Capital Commentary'

• 'Bipartisanship 101, UK style', in 'Capital Commentary'

'Do we need electoral reform?', Theos website (May 2010)

Click here for a rebuttal by human rights lawyer James Collins.

Pre 2010 election article in Ethics in Brief

• Feature article, 'Loving Faithful Institutions: Building Blocks of a Just Global Order', The Other Journal 14 April 2010.

'These amendments should stay'Guardian CiF Belief

• Guardian Face to Faith column on role of faith in democratic debate, December 2009

• articles on 'Can Nations be Christian?' and Can Nations be secular?

• ‘Beyond Multiculturalism – but to where? Public Justice and Cultural Diversity’, Philosophia Reformata 73.2 (2008), 190-209

• ‘States of secularism’, Guardian CiF Belief

Talking God: The Legitimacy of Religious Public Reasoning (Theos, 2009)

• the 2008 ‘Kuyper Lecture’ of the Center for Public Justice, held at the University of Villanova, PA on 23 October 2008, entitled ‘A Christian-democratic Vision: Foundations and Futures’

• article on the Fulcrum website, entitled ‘Law, Faith and Freedom: A Critical Appreciation of Archbishop Williams’ Lecture

• article on ‘Christian Public Engagement in a Secularised Society’ published in The Bible in Transmission (Winter 2007), 9-11

• a posting on 'Can secularism learn to love pluralism?' in the ‘The Current Debate’ section of the Theos website, on whether politicians’ religious convictions should influence their voting

• lecture entitled ‘Speaking from Faith in Democracy’ delivered at the KLICE inaugural event, January 2007

• article in American journal Pro Rege, ’Defining Public Justice in a Plural Society’

• article in American journal Pro Rege, ‘Silencing the Silencers: Reclaiming a Public Voice for Christian Faith’

1. Ethics in Brief March 2017 - Ancient Laws for New Challenges: The Ten Commandments as a Critique of Inequality Mark Glanville

2. KLICE Comment March 2017 - Illiberal Liberals?

3. KLICE News March 2017.

4. KLICE award-holder and Research Associate organising conference at Aberdeen University on 'Joy and Prosperity'

5. Report of CORAB symposium available.