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Dr R. David Muir BA (Hons.), Dip. Th., PGCE, MA, Ph. D is a political scientist and a theologian. He began his career as a secondary school teacher in South London where he taught history and religion before going on to the Commonwealth Institute as head of Teaching, Research and Regional Development in 1988. During that time he served as a part-time Principal of a community school in South London.

David joined the Evangelical Alliance in 2005 as Public Policy Executive Director, responsible for Public Theology and Public Affairs.

David is a Politics & Government graduate. He has an MA in Political Education and Public Policy from London University and a Ph. D in Theology (Political Theology of James Cone & Pentecostalism in Britain and America) from King’s College, London. David lectured in historical and theological studies at the Simon of Cyrene Institute and political theology and Pentecostalism at the Centre for Black & White Christian Partnership in Birmingham. More recently he taught history and politics at London University, African American culture and history at the University of East London, and Caribbean and Black British political history at London Metropolitan University where he is currently a Visiting Fellow.

David was a member of the Government’s Policy Action Team; he also served on the Home Office’s Lawrence Steering Group (LSG) as chairman of the Police Race and Diversity Learning and Development Board. He worked with Sir Bernard Crick on advising the Home Secretary on citizenship, nationality and integration; he also served as chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority’s first public inquiry in 2000 (the Virdi Inquiry) and the Authority’s deputy chairman until 2004. Between 2000-2004 he was a governor of the London School of Theology (formerly the London Bible College).

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