Election 2015
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Introducing KLICE May 2015 coverage

KLICE has commissioned a wide range of thought-provoking election pieces appearing between January and April 2015. These will provide serious theological reflections for readers as they prepare to engage with election issues and reflect on how to vote. Our major offering is a special series of eight extended Ethics in Brief essays on the main British political parties. Our contributions won't advise you how to vote but may help to think more critically about your political allegiance. Some authors belong to and support the parties they discuss, others don't. New content will be added continually.

For an introduction to our coverage, see 'Beyond Pantomime Politics: KLICE pauses for thought before May 2015' - Jonathan Chaplin


Special Ethics in Brief 2015 Election series

KLICE Election Comment pieces


Past publications

Past Ethics in Brief

Past KLICE Comment


Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplin, eds., God and Government, SPCK, 2009.

Stephen Backhouse, Experiments in Living: Christianity and the Liberal Democrat Party (KLICE/Bible Society 2010)

Paul Bickley, Building Jerusalem? Christianity and the Labour Party (KLICE/Bible Society 2010)

Joshua HordernOne Nation but Two Cities: Christianity and the Conservative Party (KLICE/Bible Society 2010)

Talks and other articles

God, Politics and the Gospel - Joshua Hordern at St Mark's Battersea Rise, 26 April 2015 (Audio).

A review of John Sentamu (ed.), On Rock or Sand? Firm Foundations for Britain's Future - Jonathan Warner

Sermon on Mark 10: 35-45 - Jonathan Chaplin (October 2014)

Keynote lecture on 'How to do Theology in Public' at Theos 'God and Government' conference - Jonathan Chaplin (March 2014)

'Life After the Referendum' - Andrew Goddard (September 2014)

Links and other resources

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Party and cross-party groups

Christians in Parliament - an All Party Parliamentary Group

Christians in Politics - an all-party, non-denominational platform

Christians in Politics/EA campaign Show Up:

Christians on the Left

Conservative Christian Fellowship

Liberal Democract Christian Forum

Green Christian

UKIP Christian Manifesto

Denominational, ecumenical and faith-friendly resources

CARE: EngaGE15

Catholic Bishops' Conference of Scotland Election letter

Catholic Bishops of England and Wales' Election Letter

Christian Aid - Manifesto and February event

Christian Concern

Christian Concern Election Matters page

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) election statement: 'A 2020 Vision of the Good Society'

Church of England House of Bishops' Pastoral Letter: 'Who is my nieghbour?'

Citizens UK

Ekklesia election website

Evangelical Alliance UK

Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland

Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) (Baptist, Methodist, URC)

JPIT election statement Faith in Politics

Maranatha Community statement



Together for the Common Good

Other resources: books and reports

Nicholas Sagovsky & Peter McGrail, eds., Together for the Common Good: Towards a National Conversation (SCM, 2015).

Jubilee Centre, Immigration and Justice

Evangelical Alliance, 21st Century EvangelicalsFaith in Politics? (February 2015).

Archbishop John Sentamu, ed., On Rock or Sand? Firm foundations for Britain's future (SPCK, January 2015). See also a review and the study guide.

Jubilee Centre, Votewise 2015 - and a 'General Election Bible Study' based on it, by Anthony Smith.

Citizens UK, Manifesto 2015.

Other resources: articles and statements

Evangelical Alliance, Let's commit to engaging relationally with politics, 8 May 2015..


Keep Sunday Special campaign, Relationships Foundation and USDAW.

Gillan Scott on Archbishop Cranmer, 'Green Party: Christians welcome, but only if you ignore your faith', 24 March 2015.

Angus Ritchie, 'What do the Bishops know about politics? More than you'd think...', Huffington Post 18 February 2015.

Baroness Maeve Sherlock and Rt Hon and Caroline Spelman MP, Fulcrum Pivot Point lectures on 'Engaging in Politics', Fulcrum website 11 February 2015.

Archbishop Cranmer, '"Tory Fury" over Church of England letter is a confected Tory tantrum' (18 February 2015) - and subsequent posts on the Bishop's Letter

Gillan Scott on Archbishop Cranmer, 'This General Election is bringing in a new level of Christian engagement' (8 February 2015)

Archbishop Cranmer, 'If imams may not influence voters, why should priests or bishops?' (5 February 2015)

Maranatha Community statement

Tim Montgomerie, 'Ten Commmandments of Political Anglicanism', CapX for popular capitalism (16 January 2015)

Archbishop Cranmer, 'Lord Carey is wrong to support state-sanctioned suicide', Archbishop Cranmer blog (3 January 2015)

Paul Mills, 'Prodigal Stewards: the looming government debt crisis and what to do about it', Cambridge Papers 23.4 (December 2014) (Jubilee Centre)

Ian Paul,'The Theology of the Autumn Statement', Psephizo blog (December 2014)

Nick Spencer, keynote lecture on 'Voting, Values and Virtue' at Theos 'God and Government' conference (March 2014)


Archbishop Cranmer


Together for the Common Good




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