Ethics and Social Theology

Every July Tyndale House hosts meetings of the Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups. KLICE has worked closely with the Ethics and Social Theology (EST) Group. 


2016 Conference

Ethics and Social Theology Study Group, 4-7 July 2016

The Ethics and Social Theology Group joins with other Tyndale Fellowship (TF) groups for TF’s quadrennial conference, held this year at High Leigh Conference Centre. The theme is ‘Marriage, Family and Relationships’. Plenary speakers include KLICE Senior Research Fellow Emeritus Professor Oliver O’Donovan (Edinburgh) and former KLICE Advisory Council chair Professor Julian Rivers (Bristol). KLICE Senior Research Fellow Andrew Goddard will also speak.

The provisional programme can be downloaded from here

2015 Conference

Ethics and Social Theology Study Group, 1-3 July 2015

The theme for the 2015 meeting was 'social theology', broadly construed.

2014 Conference

Ethics and Social Theology Study Group, 3-5 July 2014

The EST Group of the Tyndale Fellowship will meet from 3-5 July in Cambridge. It will focus on Professor Oliver O'Donovan's latest book, Self, World and Time vol 1: Ethics as Theology (Eerdmans, 2013) and will consist of short presentations by participants with responses from Professor O'Donovan. The meeting this year is primarily intended for postgraduate students in Christian ethics/moral theology or related areas but places may be available for others too.

This year's EST Group Tyndale Lecture will be given by Dr Joan Lockwood O'Donovan on the theme 'Human Dignity and Human Justice:  Thinking with Calvin about the Imago Dei'.

Accommodation will be available at Wolfson College, adjacent to Tyndale House. More details on the EST page of the Tyndale Fellowship website.


2013 Conference

Theme: Theology and Economics - July 4 - 6

The EST Group will meet during the 2013 Tyndale Fellowship Study Groups in Cambridge, July 4 - 6.

The meeting will build on the dialogue on Theology and Economics begun in 2012 between EST participants and members of the Association of Christian Economists. More specifically we hope to continue this dialogue in a particular constructive direction which might bring theology and economics together to imagine a 'Christian Vision of the Common Good'. Presenters will consider how we might make use of the tools of economic and theological reasoning–which are too often wielded as swords of blame and recrimination against one another–into plowshares: tools which can be used jointly by Christian economists and theologians to cultivate more just and moral economies in the 21st century. Detailed information will appear shortly on the EST website.

2012 Conference

Theme: Theology and Economics - July 2 - 5

15 people participated in this year's EST Group examining the relationship between theology and economics, at the Tyndale Fellowship's triennial conference held in Northampton. See the full programme here. A highlight was the Tyndale EST Lecture by Professor Hans Ulrich, on 'Theological perspectives for a human economy at and within its limits'. The programme was coordinated by Jason Clark, KLICE doctoral award-holder 2011-12, and Dr. Sean Doherty, a former award-holder. Two speakers were leading members of the Association for Christian Economists, with whom EST is coordinating its meeting next year on the same theme.

2011 Conference

Theme: Missional Ethics - June 30 - July 2

25 people attended the Tyndale Fellowship Ethics and Social Theology (EST) Group meeting on ‘Missional Ethics’, held on 30 June – 2 July.

The programme was organised by former KLICE doctoral award holders Jonathan Rowe (South West Ministerial Training Course) and Andy Draycott (Biola University, USA). Jonathan and Andy will edit a book on the theme including papers presented at this event and a parallel one held at Biola. A total of seven people associated with KLICE will contribute chapters to the book: Jonathan Rowe (Introduction); Andy Draycott (‘Preaching’); Advisory Council member Brian Brock (‘Creation’); former award holders Guido De Graaff (‘Friendship’) and Sean Doherty (‘Money’); Associate Director Joshua Hordern (‘Family’) and Director Jonathan Chaplin (‘Politics’). Jonathan is Chair of EST and Guido is Secretary. The book will be published by IVP. The term ‘missional ethics’ was inspired to a considerable extent by Christopher J. H. Wright’s influential book The Mission of God (IVP, 2006). Chris presented this year’s EST ‘Tyndale Lecture’ on the theme and this will be included in the book.

For full details visit the Ethics and Social Theology Group webpage

2010 Conference

In 2010 the EST Group met jointly with the Philosophy of Religion Group.

The Tyndale Lecture in Ethics & Social Theology was given by Professor Stephen Williams on the topic, 'Could God have commanded the slaughter of the Canaanites?'

The Tyndale Lecture in Philosophy of Religion was given by Harry Bunting on the topic, 'Forgiveness: Christian and Secular Conceptions.'

There are further details on the EST page of the Tyndale Fellowship website.

2009 Conference

2009 was a Triennial year when all Groups meet together:

6-9 July 2009, Tyndale House

The EST Group joined the New Testament Group sessions on the theme New Testament Ethics.

The Ethics and Social Theology group Tyndale Lecture was be given on 9 July by Dr Jonathan Moo (Faraday Institute Researcher and KLICE grantee):

Title: ‘Continuity, discontinuity and hope: the contribution of New Testament eschatology to a distinctively Christian environmental ethos’.

2008 Conference

The Ethics and Social Theology Group (EST) met in July conjointly with the Religion, Culture and Communication Group (RCC).

Date: 9-11 July 2008
Location: Tyndale House/Newnham College
Theme: Political Theology

Douglas Knight: The Church, the State and the Archbishop: The Fretful Audiences of Rowan Williams

Calvin Smith: Sons of Abraham: The Politics of Christian Faith in Israel and the Territories

Joshua Hordern: Affections and Institutions in Theo-Political Social Life

Jonathan Burnside: Passover and Asylum: the relationship between Narrative, Law and National Identity

Jonathan Chaplin: Tyndale EST Lecture: The Bible, the State and Religious Diversity: Theological Foundations of ‘Principled Pluralism’

David McIlroy
: The Right Reason for Caesar to Confess Christ as Lord: O’Donovan and Arguments for a Christian State

Jeff Bailey: Engaged Particularity: Interfaith Scriptural Reasoning and the Politics of Small Achievements

Stephen Backhouse, A Kierkegaardian Critique of Christian Nationalism (click below for his related paper on nationalism published by Theos

2007 Conference

The Ethics and Social Theology Group (EST) met in July conjointly with the Religion, Culture and Communication Group (RCC).

Date: 4-6 July 2007
Location: Tyndale House/Newnham College
Theme: Ethics and World Religions

Lectures Available: The following lectures from the 2007 Conference are
accessible online (click on the papers)

Colin Chapman: Christian Responses to Islam, Islamism, and ‘Islamic Terrorism’ (links to Jubilee Centre 'Cambridge Paper' on which talk based)

David Ford: Scriptural Wisdom for Public Life (links to International Journal of
Public Theology

Calvin Smith: Christian Views of the Modern State of Israel

John Drane: The Globalization of Spirituality

Jonathan Chaplin: A Christian Political Response to Religious Pluralism

Douglas Knight: Religion, Religions, and Pluralism


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