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Introducing KLICE EU Referendum 2016 coverage

The choice made in the referendum held on 23 June to leave the EU was of enormous significance for the future of the UK, Europe and beyond. As in the run-up to the UK General Election in 2015, KLICE presented a range of theological and political reflections, to enable Christians and others to take a more informed view on the core issues at stake, and to reflect on the outcome. As a charity, KLICE itself did not take an official position on the Referendum (and receives no financial support from the EU) and we shall maintain our neutrality in the Brexit debate and beyond.

Between February and July 2016 we published a short Ethics in Brief Referendum series, and some extended issues of KLICE Comment, written by a range of authors and presenting different viewpoints and opinions. We will occasionally continue to publish, and ink to, material relevant to the Brexit debate.

For an introduction to our 2016 coverage, and an argument for what the debate should be (should have been) about, see What is the EU for? Introducing KLICE's Referendum Coverage - Jonathan Chaplin


Special Ethics in Brief 2016 EU Referendum series

KLICE Referendum and Brexit Comment pieces


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Eurocomment (expert commentary from Brussels - paywall)

The UK in a Changing Europe (King's College London)

Think, Pray, Vote: EU referendum resources for churches (Joint Public Issues Team of the Baptists, Methodists, URC and Church of Scotland)

Books, reports, articles

Jubilee Centre: Referendum Discussion Paper series

Ben Ryan, A Soul for the Union >

Sir Fred Catherwood, 'A Christian's View on Europe' (article published in Churchman magazine some time after 1999. Sir Fred was a prominent evangelical industrialist, public servant, a former Vice President of the European Parliament, and longtime member of Eden Baptist church, Cambridge).

The May/June 2016 issue of idea, the Evangelical Alliance's magazine, is devoted to the EU and the Referendum. 


Archbishop Cranmer

Psephizo, 'The democratic deficit in the EU'

Reimagining Europe (Church of England and Church of Scotland)


Faith in Europe

Christians for Europe (pro-remain group)

Christians for Britain / @Xtians4Britain (pro-Brexit group)

Christians on the Left EU Resource Hub  (mostly pro-remain)

Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust




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