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Jonathan Burnside is Reader in Biblical Law at the University of Bristol. He has degrees in both Law and Criminology from Cambridge University and was awarded a PhD in Law by Liverpool University. He joined the school of Law, Bristol, in 2001, where he teaches Criminal Law, Jewish Law, Contemporary Legal Theory and Jurisprudence. Previously he conducted research for the Home Office and Prison Service and spearheaded 'Relational Justice' for the Relationships Foundation, Cambridge.




Selected Publications


Burnside, JP & With Nancy Loucks, Joanna R Adler and Gerry Rose. My Brother's Keeper : Faith-based units in prisons, Willan Publishing, 2005. ISBN: 1843920611 details

Burnside, JP. The Signs of Sin: Seriousness of Offence in Biblical Law, 364, Sheffield Academic Press, 2003. ISBN: 0826462189 details


Burnside, JP. 'Strange Flesh: Sex, Semiotics and the Construction of Deviancy in Biblical Law', Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 30 (4), (pp. 387-420), 2006. ISSN: 1476-6728 details

Burnside, JP & David Faulkner. 'A touch of civilisation: A tribute to Sir Stephen Tumim', Prison Service Journal, 156, (pp. 27-29), 2004. details

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Burnside, JP. ''Inspired Justice'', Justice Reflections, 1, (pp. 1-10), 2002. ISSN: 1476-6035 details

Burnside, JP. ''The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000: The head of a 'kiddy-libber' and the torso of a 'child-saver'?'', Criminal Law Review, June, (pp. 425-434), 2001. ISSN: 0011-135X details

Burnside, JP. 'Bash the Burglar? Reflections on the Tony Martin case', Law & Justice, 147, (pp. 122-131), 2001. ISSN: 0269-817X details

Book chapters

Burnside, JP. 'Criminal Justice', in Michael Schluter and John Ashcroft (Eds.), Jubilee Manifesto, (pp. 234-254), Inter-Varsity Press, 2005. ISBN: 1844740749 details

Burnside, JP. 'Preface to 2004 reprint', in Burnside, J.P. and Baker N (Eds.), Relational Justice: Repairing the Breach, (pp. 1-3), Waterside Press, 2004. ISBN: 1904380069 details

Internet Publication

Burnside, JP, Adler, J, Loucks, N & Rose, G. 'Kainos Community in Prisons: Report of an Evaluation'., 2002.

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