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KLICE is committed to investing in the long-term formation of future Christian leaders in various fields of public life. Accordingly, we are establishing opportunities for future Christian thought-leaders through our innovative Leadership Programme.


Summer Schools and training days

KLICE's summer schools are core elements of the Public Leadership Programme relevant to both professionals and postgraduate students.

In September 2013 KLICE will be holding the following summer schools:

Medical Ethics Summer School, 9-10 September, Cambridge.
For medical students and doctors, in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF).

Law and Ethics Summer School, 28-29 September, Cambridge.
For lawyers and others involved in legal work, in partnership with the Lawyers Christian Fellowship (LCF).
This year the focus will be on the important issue of commercial law and banking.

Further details will be published in due course. Sign up for KLICE News to receive more information at the earliest opportunity or contact Andrew Goddard at



The Public Leadership Programme aims to equip young scholars who display strong academic potential and faith commitment to develop and effectively communicate authentically Christian approaches to key ethical challenges of our time.

When funds are available, KLICE plans to identify a selected number of masters and doctoral candidates in Christian ethics worthy of financial support. We will be seeking to support students working on a range of issues in Christian ethics which are influential within the academy or society, or both.

Students joining the leadership programme will be supported in their academic and professional development through finance, regular gatherings and expertise. During their participation in the programme, students will be specifically trained to engage in public communication of Christian ethics through relevant channels within and beyond the academy. To this end, participating students will sometimes be partnered with professionals working in a relevant field in a relationship of mutual benefit (details below).

Candidates should be registered for an advanced research degree at a UK university. There is no formal nationality requirement but preference will normally be given to candidates likely to make a contribution to work on ethics in the UK. Candidates might be based within theology/religious studies departments, and be working on topics in biblical ethics, theological ethics, or, perhaps, inter-religious ethics. Or they might be working on core ethical issues in other disciplines, but from a Christian perspective. Examples of the latter might be research on Christian origins of western political order (where candidates could be based in departments of, say, political science or history); or medical ethics (where the home department might be medicine, law or philosophy). In these latter cases, the formal research topics may not be explicitly theological in nature, but we will be seeking to sponsor projects where a Christian ethical perspective is clearly formative in the research and is likely to issue in published work of this nature.

Details of application procedures for awards will be listed on this page and advertised through the mailing list.


Partnership with Professionals

Dovetailing with the doctoral and masters leadership programmes, we also offer innovative training opportunities for professionals in fields such as law, medicine, media and business. The form which participation in the leadership programme takes is tailored appropriately for each professional field. However, the common factor is that postgraduate students are partnered with professionals in a field related to their studies.

For example, in 2010-2013 a student in Law and Ethics is partnering with a group of lawyers who are both willing to support the student financially and open to learn about a Christian approach to Law through communication with the student and KLICE staff. This student holds the Professor Sir Norman Anderson Award, named in memory of a leading British Christian lawyer of the twentieth century. See here for more details of Norman Anderson’s life.

KLICE is currently building partnerships between students and professionals working in the fields of law, medicine/bioethics and business. If you would like to join in the supporting group in any of these fields, please click on the links and then contact Andrew Goddard for more information.


Postgraduate Student Awards

We have recently offered a Business and Economic Ethics Award in partnership with Transforming Business.

Please join the mailing list to be notified of opportunities as they become available.


Postgraduate Research Seminars

Research seminars are held three times a year in Cambridge for current award-holders and for other selected masters and doctoral candidates with parallel interests. If you would like to be invited to these seminars, please contact Andrew Goddard for more details.

Informal research advice for students may be available either by Institute staff or associated scholars, depending on the area of research.

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