LCF/KLICE Winter School 2015

'Employment Law and Christian Ethics: Shaping the Workplace in a Secular Age?’

Cambridge, 10 & 11 January 2015

This two day course, for lawyers and other practioners with interests in employment law, was co-sponsored by KLICE and Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship (LCF) and was attended by 25. It explored a Christian perspective on current developments in employment law, with a focus on how equality and non-discrimination law are adversely impacting upon individual and corporate religious freedom. The course critically assessed current developments and identify Christian political and legal insights that shed light on recent conflicts and point towards needed legal reforms, especially in the direction of an expansion of ‘reasonable accommodation’ of religion and belief as a fair and inclusive framework for a religiously and culturally plural society.


Audio recordings of two of the lectures are available:




Summer Schools 2013

KLICE's summer schools are an important dimension of the Public Leadership Programme relevant to both professionals and students.

In September 2013 KLICE held two summer schools, one for Christian medics and health professionals, and one for Christian lawyers and legal professionals



in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF).

This two day summer school was held in the graceful surroundings of Newnham  College, Cambridge.  It was intended primarily for Christian medical students, junior doctors, and others engaged in healthcare, who wish to think together about serving Christ faithfully and the ethical challenges in contemporary medicine.

The course leaders and speakers were:



in partnership with the Lawyers Christian Fellowship (LCF).

This two day summer school was held in the peaceful surroundings of Tyndale House, Cambridge. It was intended primarily for Christian lawyers and legal professionals who wish to engage more effectively and theologically in the challenging climate of contemporary law and ethics. The focus was on the specific area of commercial law, business and banking.

The course leaders and speakers were:

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