A selection of lectures from KLICE events are available below:


From the 'Beyond Individualism' conference on sexual ethics, 15 May 2010.


From the 'Responding to Secularism' Conference, 24 April 2009:

Dominic Erdozain, 'Christianity without the mumbo-jumbo: the making of a secular outlook in modern Britain'

Andrew Kirk: 'A Secular Age' in Mission Perpective: A Response to Charles Taylor's Magnum Opus

1. Ethics in Brief March 2017 - Ancient Laws for New Challenges: The Ten Commandments as a Critique of Inequality Mark Glanville

2. KLICE Comment March 2017 - Illiberal Liberals?

3. KLICE News March 2017.

4. KLICE award-holder and Research Associate organising conference at Aberdeen University on 'Joy and Prosperity'

5. Report of CORAB symposium available.