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Joshua Hordern (Associated Professor of Christian Ethics, Oxford; formerly Assistant Director) is organising two one-day events in Oxford:




Serving Christ in Secular Medicine Summer School September 2013

Held in in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF), this two day Summer School was attended by 18 people in the graceful surroundings of Newnham College, Cambridge.  It was intended primarily for Christian medical students, junior doctors, and others engaged in healthcare, who wish to think together about serving Christ faithfully and the ethical challenges in contemporary medicine.

The course leaders and speakers were Prof John Wyatt,recently retired Professor of Ethics and Perinatology, University College London and author of Matters of Life and Death: Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian Faith; Revd Dr Andrew Goddard,Associate Director of KLICE, and Giles Cattermole,Head of Student Ministries, CMF.

KLICE Summer Schools 2012

KLICE held two summer schools for medical professionals in 2012: a summer school for nurses and midwives in partnership with Christian Nurses and Midwives, and 'Medical ethics for the 21st Century', a summer school for doctors and healthcare workers in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship. The course leader and academic coordinator was Professor John Wyatt, recently retired Professor of Ethics and Perinatology, University College London and author of Matters of Life and Death: Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian Faith.


'Putting Principles-based Ethics in Proper Perspective: Appeals  to Covenant as the Basis for a Bioethical Framework', October 24, 2011

A special seminar on medical ethics led by senior medical oncologist, Dr Jim Rusthoven, from Canada. Talk followed by discussion. Professor John Wyatt (emeritus, UCL) participated.  "For three decades, principles-based ethics has been the dominant  paradigm for biomedical ethics.  Recently, appeals have been made  among health professionals of diverse beliefs and vocations within  medicine for a developing a covenantal ethical model.  In response, a  covenantal framework taken from a biblical perspective will be presented.   Its creational grounding gives validity to its appeal by persons of different  belief traditions."


Medical ethics summer school, August 2011

18 medical practitioners and health care workers attended ‘Medical Ethics for the 21st Century’, a two-day summer school offered by the KLICE Public Leadership programme in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF). The main speaker was Professor John Wyatt, author of Matters of Life and Death (IVP 2009). Dr Pablo Fernandez (CMF) spoke about recent developments in the work of CMF, KLICE Associate Director Joshua Hordern presented a literature review on medical ethics, and Dr Robert Song, president of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics participated in a panel on bio-ethics.


KLICE was a co-sponsor of the 2009 Veritas Forum in Cambridge University on the theme of 'Becoming Human'.

The focus was on medical ethics, bio-ethics and emerging technologies. The Director chaired a panel on 13 November on 'Persons, Bodies, and Technologies: Human Dignity and Bio-medical Ethics'. Panellists included Professor John Wyatt (University College London), Professor Nigel Cameron (President, Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future), and Dr Peter Cave (Chair, Humanist Philosophy Group).





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KLICE award-holder

Tony Banda successfully completed a doctoral thesis in December at the University of Durham, on 'Rethinking Rationality: Theological Anthropology in Light of Profound Cognitive Impairment, Relationality, Embodiment and Personhood'. His hypothesis is that human personhood is neither exhausted nor predominantly defined, contrary to some popular positions, by an intrinsic concept like reason but by a multiplicity of grounds. Tony has a master’s degree in theology from the USA and earlier established an impressive track record of Christian leadership in Kenya. He plans to initiate much-needed research and education on medical ethics in his home country of Kenya upon his return.


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