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KLICE is co-sponsoring a free public lecture with CIRIS as part of its contribution to the project Reformation2017 (organised by the Jubilee Centre):

  • 18 October 7.30-9.00pm: Professor John Coffey (University of Leicester), ‘From Luther to Locke: How Protestants Invented Religious Liberty’. Latimer Room, Clare College Cambridge.

This event takes place within the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, through which booking is required.

Please note that unfortunately we have had to cancel the following lecture:

  • 26 October, 4.30-6.00pm Professor Timothy Shah (Georgetown University), ‘From Tertullian to Constantine to Roger Williams: How Catholics Invented Religious Liberty and Protestants Recovered It’.

Please note also that the October 27 KLICE Research Seminar has been cancelled. For entirely understandable reasons Prof. Timothy Shah is unable to be with us on that date as our keynote speaker.


KLICE at Society of Biblical Literature /American Academy of Religion

KLICE is partnering with St Georges Centre for Biblical and Public Theology in the following seminars and events held in partnership with IBR in Boston:

The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar

The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar

The Scripture and Church Seminar

Annual Meal: Dr. Peter Williams, Principal of Tyndale House, will be the After-Dinner speaker

The three seminars are free although we encourage you to register for them. You need to register for and pay online to attend the meal, offered at a reduced rate. The meal is a highlight of our year so do join us if you are attending SBL/AAR.
Registration for all of the above can be found online.


Our own Genevieve Wedgbury will be performing at the Cambridge Junction. First Manoeuvres is a brand new scratch night of work by local and regional artists – a chance to catch a glimpse of eclectic & raw new ideas in their very first public outing, presented on a bare stage, open-microphone style. On 28th October Genevieve will be taking part in 20 Questions




KLICE Ten Year Anniversary: On 20 September, we held a wonderful KLICE anniversary celebration at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. The event was organized by Genevieve with the help of several members of the staff from Tyndale House, and some 70-people attended, representing a wide range of organizations. Prof. John Wyatt was MC for the evening. Dr Jonathan Chaplin reflected on the last ten years and Dr Craig Bartholomew spoke about the need for KLICE and gave some Christocentric perspectives for the future. The evening included a panel discussion on Christian Ethics and the Future of Society chaired by Dr Philip Ziegler with the panel consisting of Prof. John Wyatt, Dr. Jeremy Kidwell and Dr. Craig Bartholomew.

The evening was recorded and three podcasts from the evening can be found on the KLICE website here.


On September 16-17, the Klice/Lawyer's Christian Fellowship Summer School was held at Tyndale House. A report will follow in the next KLICE News.


Dr Bartholomew was back in Canada on 29 September for a day conference entitled Abraham Kuyper Today: Celebrating the Reformation, held at Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. See The conference used Dr. Bartholomew's recently published Contours of the Kuyperian Tradition: A Systematic Introduction (IVP Academic, 2017) as a springboard for exploring the relevance of the Kuyperian tradition for today. Speakers included many Redeemer faculty and Dr. Michael Wagenman, Chaplain, Western University; Dr. Bruce Ashford, Provost, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Heath Thomas, Dean, Oklahoma Baptist University.


This month David Coltart (Zimbabwean human rights lawyer) was in the UK speaking in London, Oxford, and Edinburgh as part of a fund-raising mission for the UK based charity ZANE, which helps destitute Zimbabweans. David is the author of an extremely important book that I would ask you to consider buying, reading, promoting and reflecting upon. The book is The Struggle Continues: 50 Years of Tyranny in Zimbabwe (Jacana, 2016, 645pp). 

David Coltart is a well-known humans rights lawyer in Zimbabwe and has served three terms in parliament in the unity government including as Minister of Education. He was converted to Christ while a student at the University of Cape Town, inter alia through the ministry of the well-known Anglican Evangelical David Watson. 

Coltart's story and book is one that really needs to be known about in the UK and worldwide. Henri Nouwen said that that which is most individual and personal is also most universal, and in our globalized context this is certainly true of Zimbabwe and Coltart's remarkable narrative.

His large book (645 pp) covers the story from the time of Rhodesia and the war fought for liberation there through to the present. It is a profoundly tragic story in so many ways; a story of missed opportunities and immense suffering. The post-liberation era began seemingly well but was soon followed by a far too little-known genocide in Matabeleland in the early 80s. Coltart and an organization he helped set up played a key role in documenting this genocide against all odds, and the report was eventually published under the title Breaking the Silence: Building True Peace (1997). My edition was published in 2007 and is entitled Gukurahundi in Zimbabwe (Jacana, South Africa). It makes for unbearable reading but needs to be known about. 

In recent years, we witnessed the emergence of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) in Zimbabwe and Coltart has played a central role in the attempt to move Zimbabwe in a democratic direction, against immense odds and with far too little help from South Africa whose leaders often seem to have been more of a hindrance than a help.  

What breathes through this book is Coltart's embodiment of what Wendell Berry calls "difficult hope," amidst unbelievably challenging circumstances. Several attempts have been made on Coltart's life and yet he and his family have been sustained by their faith to continue to hope and to seek the welfare of Zimbawe. A beautiful example of this is Coltart's service as Minister of Education during which he worked tirelessly to rescue the education system which was literally hovering over the brink. 

The Struggle Continues is well researched, very well written, deeply informative about Zimbabwe over the last 50 years right up until today, and profoundly honest and personal. Coltart has got to know all the key players nationally and internationally, making the narrative riveting, fascinating and profoundly moving.


The following article by Dr. Jonathan Chaplin has just been published: ‘Faith, Power and the State: A Starting point for a Christian-Muslim Exchange,’ The Journal of Christian Social Ethics: Muslim Ethics and Islam in Britain, October 2017, 27-38.


Simeon Burke, a KLICE Research Associate, gave a paper on Star Wars and ethics at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on Monday 21st August. It was part of an event on "Religion and Science Fiction" called "Life in a Galaxy Far Far Away" at Charlotte Chapel and the title of his paper was "Maxims in Space: Wisdom and Morality in the Star Wars Universe". 


What we are reading...

If you are discovering important books do let us know and we will see if we can include them in KLICE News.

Browsing in the CUP Bookstore I discovered Alasdair MacIntyre's recent book: Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity: An Essay on Desire, Practical Reasoning, and Narrative (CUP, 2016). My hope is that we might develop an event around this book in the near future.

As a South African I try and stay up to date on current literature from there. An important recent book is Vytjie Mentor, No Holy Cows: Moments in My Political Life 2002-2017 (Vymao, 2017). Although the prose could be better edited, this book provides an important insight into life as an ANC MP, especially during the Zuma years. Searing and profoundly disturbing.


Also recommended...

A workshop on ‘Religious Ethics and 21st  Century Surveillance’, organised by Dr Eric Stoddart of the University of St Andrews, is being held in London 20-22 November.


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