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In the May KLICE Comment, ‘Art, Conflict and Remembering’, Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin introduces an exhibition currently being held in Coventry Cathedral of the highly distinctive murals of the Bogside Artists from Derry/Londonderry, NI. The murals, known as The People’s Gallery, reject sectarianism and aim to promote reconciliation by telling the true story of the Bogside community during ‘The Troubles’ (see article in Coventry Observer). A 70-page catalogue has been produced for the exhibition.



A detailed summary of ‘Faith, Energy and Society’, the March workshop hosted by Energy@Cambridge and co-sponsored by KLICE and other partners, is now available here. It is written by KLICE Research Associate Emily Hill.



Philip Sampson’s Ethics in Brief article, ‘Evangelical Spirituality and Hunting’ (Spring 2016) has elicited 3 very substantial responses. The respondents are Sarah Withrow King (Evangelicals for Social Action/CreatureKind, USA), Dennis Danielson (University of British Columbia) and Matthew Rowley (University of Leicester/Tyndale House). Philip has written a detailed reply. We’re delighted to present this robust, respectful and highly informative exchange of views on a topic of great importance today.


The latest issue of Crucible: The Journal of Christian Social Ethics is on ‘Evangelical Social Ethics’ and has been edited by Jonathan Chaplin. Contributors include David Hilborn (St John’s School of Mission) on major theological developments, Greg Smith (William Temple Foundation) on evangelical social action, Dave Bookless (Arocha International) on the evolution of evangelical environmental engagement and Guido de Graaff (St. Augustine’s College of Theology), on the work of Oliver O’Donovan. Read Jonathan’s editorial here. Order a single copy here.


On 10-11 May, 32 delegates from a range of disciplines stretching from theology to economics attended a conference on ‘Joy and Prosperity’ – how joy and human flourishing relate to material prosperity – held at the University of Aberdeen. The conference was organised by KLICE award-holder Kevin Hargaden and KLICE Research Associate Emily Hill. Professor Philip Goodchild (University of Nottingham) gave an opening keynote on ‘What is True Wealth?’ Other keynote speakers included Professor Ioannis Theodossiou (University of Aberdeen, economics), Dr. Eve Poole (Ashridge Business School) and Dr. Brian Brock (University of Aberdeen). The conference emphasised inter-disciplinary discussion, recognising that that in an age of economic and political uncertainty it is essential that our understanding of wellbeing and the common good is richer than the current econometric vernacular allows. A fuller report is available at: The project was part of a wider investigation into Joy and the Good Life being co-ordinated by Yale Divinity School in conjunction with the Templeton Foundation (


30 people crammed into the Jubilee Lounge on 2 May to hear Prof. J Richard Middleton speak on the theme of his book A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology (Baker 2014) at an evening event organised by the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE. Richard also spoke to 100 at the Faraday Institute earlier in the day on the theme of evolution and the Genesis accounts of creation. The events were part of a UK-wide tour hosted by Thinking Faith Network, Leeds. Richard blogs about his tour here.


Reformation2017 is a programme of events and initiatives during the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation to explore the resources of the Reformation for social reform and Christian mission today. It is led by the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE and Christian Heritage. One of its flagship initiatives is ‘95 Ways to Change the World’, which invites people to submit ‘95 New Theses’ on social reform. KLICE is planning two public lectures in the university in October (details to follow). For all Reformation2017 events, visit the programme Calendar.


KLICE Senior Research Fellow Andrew Goddard reflects on the controversial ‘Jesmond consecration’ in an article on the Fulcrum website, 12 March.


An interview with Director Jonathan Chaplin on the question of ‘Can states be Christian?’ appears in the latest issue of Comment, the journal of the Canadian Christian think-tank Cardus, of which Jonathan is a Senior Fellow. The issue is devoted to the theme of ‘civil religion’.


Matthew Rowley, a reader at Tyndale House and a Research Associate of CIRIS, has co-edited the latest issue of the journal Transformation on the theme of religion and violence. The contribution by Colin Chapman, ‘Christian Responses to Islamism and Violence in the Name of Islam’, is also available on the Fulcrum website, here. Matthew wrote an Ethics in Brief on a related theme in 2015.


God and the EU: Faith in the European Project, coedited by Jonathan Chaplin and Gary Wilton (Routledge 2016), is out next month in paperback and is currently available at the pre-order price of £23.99.


From 8-12 May, Jonathan Chaplin participated in the 16th meeting of the ‘Building Bridges Seminar’ hosted by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, Georgetown University, Washington DC. The theme was ‘Power: Divine and Human – Christian and Muslim Perspectives’. With Dr Joan Lockwood O’Donovan, Jonathan was responsible for selecting and introducing a selection of Christian scriptural and post-scriptural texts. The opening public lectures are available here.


Also Recommended....

Transforming the Mind’, the National Christian Postgraduate and Postdoc conference, takes place 16-18 June at Dovedale House in the Derbyshire Peak District.


The recently-launched European Academy of Religion meets 18-22 June 2017 in Bologna. KLICE Council member Jessica Giles (Open University) is presenting a paper in a panel on ‘Law, Religion and Tradition: Dismissal or Recovery?


KLICE partner Transforming Business extends an invitation to ‘The Oxford and Cambridge Symposium on Enterprise, Ethics and Development (SEED)’ in Cambridge on 7 July. The event is ‘a practice-driven symposium’ on ‘enterprise for flourishing’ and is chaired by former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. Following the symposium, Lord Williams hosts a Garden Party at Magdalene College.


Another KLICE partner, the Jubilee Centre, is holding a Social Reformers Summer School from 20-23 July in Cambridge. It is designed for ‘people aged from 20 to 40 who are recent graduates, young professionals and others in business, public services or the charity sector, and who want to see their faith make a lasting impact in wider society’.


Former KLICE speaker Dale S Kuehne writes on ‘Lonely Like America: Reflections on Donald Trump’s First 100 Days’, on ABC Religion & Ethics, 28 April. Dale Kuehne is author of Sex and the iWorld (Baker 2009) and is Professor of Politics and the Richard L. Bready Chair of Ethics, Economics and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College, New Hampshire.


KLICE – still exhausted after covering the 2016 EU Referendum – is not offering any commentary on the June 2017 election! For some stimulating evangelical reflections, see Ian Paul’s blog Psephizo. For real junkies, a wide range of still-relevant articles on political parties written for the 2015 election can be found on our Election page.


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