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Message from the Principal of Tyndale House:

Dear Friends of KLICE,

I am writing to inform you that, after 11 years of extremely distinguished service, Dr Jonathan Chaplin has indicated that he feels it is time to step down from his position as Director of KLICE with effect from the end of August 2017. As we all know, Jonathan has served in this role as an energetic pioneer, providing stimulus and encouragement to a new wave of Christian ethicists, and establishing KLICE as a voice to be reckoned with in ethical discourse in the UK. He will be sorely missed and we wish him well even as we expect that he will continue to make a much-needed contribution to Christian ethics through his writing and scholarship.

Tyndale House, as the holding charity within which KLICE sits, and the KLICE Council, will shortly begin the search for a successor. Jonathan will continue his current role until the summer.

We are grateful to God for giving Jonathan to KLICE for this time, and grateful to Jonathan for his tireless work as Director.

With warmest regards,

Peter Williams
Principal, Tyndale House


Welcome to our new Research Associate Emily Hill who will assist us with our current work on environmental ethics. Emily is a PhD candidate in theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen.

Emily is working with KLICE Business and Economic Ethics award-holder Kevin Hargaden, also a PhD candidate at Aberdeen, to organise an interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Joy and Prosperity’ at the University of Aberdeen, 10-11 May. The event, co-sponsored by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, seeks to explore ‘how material prosperity can both encourage and hinder joy’. Application deadline is 10 March.


Forthcoming: Old Testament specialist Prof. J Richard Middleton (Northeastern Seminar, NY) will be on tour in the UK in April and May, hosted by Thinking Faith Network, Leeds. He speaks at a two-day event in Leeds on 28 and 29 April. He will be in Cambridge on 2 May at an event held at the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE, speaking on the theme of his important book A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology (Baker 2014). Further details to follow.



65 people attended a lively multi-faith workshop on 3rd March on 'Faith, Energy and Society’, hosted by Energy@Cambridge and co-sponsored by KLICE and three other Cambridge-based institutes: the Faraday Institute, the Woolf Institute and the Von Hügel Institute. The event was organised by Jonathan Chaplin and Professor Michael Pollitt, who directs the project ‘In Search of “Good” Energy Policy’ of which this event was a part. A report on the day is being prepared by Research Associate Emily Hill.


A detailed report on the first symposium of KLICE’s joint project with the Woolf Institute, ‘Living with Difference – Deepening the Conversation’, is now available. It has been written by political theologian Nicholas Townsend, a KLICE Research Associate. The project explores the agenda set out in the 2015 report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life (CORAB), convened by Woolf. A second invited symposium will be held later in the year and will be multi-faith. KLICE’s role in the project is supported by Westhill Endowment, where more information on the project can be found.


60 people attended a conference organised by the Jubilee Centre, ‘Reform or Revolution – unlocking the power of biblical law’, held on 25 February. KLICE co-sponsored the event, and Jonathan Chaplin gave a response to keynote speaker Professor Jonathan Burnside, former chair of KLICE Council. The event officially launched Reformation2017, a year-long programme of activities to celebrate the contemporary relevance of the Reformation for culture and society, 500 years on (also co-sponsored by KLICE).


On 16 February Jonathan Chaplin gave a lecture on religion and US foreign policy for the Cambridge University MPhil course on Religion and Development.


On 23 February Jonathan Chaplin, Development Officer Genevieve Wedgbury and Tyndale House staff attended a reception in London hosted by The Sir Halley Stewart Trust, attended by Trustees and a wide range of trust beneficiaries.


In February, Senior Research Fellow Andrew Goddard wrote two pieces (here and here) on the Church of England Bishops’ report, ‘Marriage and Same Sex Relationships After the Shared Conversations’.


Jonathan Chaplin’s January KLICE Comment has been reposted on Public Spirit (a shorter version) alongside others from a symposium at the University of Bristol, and on Law and Religion (a longer version). 


Read about KLICE’s activities in 2016 and its future plans in our Annual Review.


Apologies that KLICE’s direct phone line is not yet in service. Please use 01223 566601 until further notice. Thank you for bearing with us at this time of building work.


Also Recommended....

The annual Faith in Business conference will be held at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, from 31 March to 2 April. This year's theme is 'Making a Difference: Christian Impact on the Business World'.

The February Bulletin of ‘The Kingdom at Work Project’ can be accessed here, along with all back issues. The theme for this issue, produced with ‘Faith in Business’ (based at Ridley Hall, Cambridge) is ‘the Christian entrepreneur’.


Sarx, a charity concerned with Christian Animal Welfare, is holding a one day conference in London on 18 March, entitled 'Is Christianity Good News for Animals?'


The Lesslie Newbigin Summer Institute meets on 10-13 July 2017 at Westminster College, Cambridge. The theme this year is ‘Lesslie Newbigin and the Household of God’. More information is available here.


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