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KLICE is co-sponsoring a one-day multi-faith workshop on 3rd March on ‘Faith, Energy and Society’, hosted by Energy@Cambridge, an interdisciplinary research hub in Cambridge University. The event is part of a project entitled ‘In Search of “Good” Energy Policy’, directed by Professor Michael Pollitt (Judge Business School). It is intended for people with academic and policy interests in the relation between religion, energy and the environment. For further information, contact the Director, Jonathan Chaplin (


Linked to this, applications are invited from postgraduate students based in the UK for a one-year KLICE Research Associate position in the area of environmental theology and ethics. The role will involve attending and writing a report on the March workshop, and other related tasks. A small honorarium is available. Eligible candidates should contact the Director, Jonathan Chaplin for further information as soon as possible (


KLICE is co-sponsoring a conference, ‘Reform or Revolution – unlocking the power of biblical law’, organised by the Jubilee Centre and held in Cambridge on 25 February. Participants will ‘discover how biblical law, rather than being a static set of archaic rules, is a powerful body of wisdom which God expects Christians to apply in creative, radical ways to bring hope and transformation in each generation’. Keynote speaker is Professor Jonathan Burnside (University of Bristol), former chair of the KLICE Council. The (free) event launches Reformation2017, a year-long programme of activities to celebrate the contemporary relevance of the Reformation for culture and society, 500 years on (also co-sponsored by KLICE).


At 6pm (GMT) on 7 February, Director Jonathan Chaplin will be leading a 90-minute webinar on ‘a biblical view of government’, hosted by the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL).  For information on how to participate, click here.



Read about KLICE’s activities in 2016 and its future plans in our Annual Review.


On 17 January, 20 invited participants from a range of Christian organisations engaged in a lively discussion on how to develop constructive Christian responses to Living with Difference, the report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life (CORAB). The event, chaired by Dr Rowan Williams, was the first of two in which KLICE is partnering with the Woolf Institute, Cambridge. The Woolf Institute convened CORAB in 2013 and published the report in December 2015. The second event will be held later in the year and will be multi-faith. KLICE’s role in the project is supported by Westhill Endowment, where more information on the project can be found.


The Director offers his personal take on the state of the Brexit process in a contribution to the Reimagining Europe blog, hosted by the Church of England and Church of Scotland. The piece is entitled, ‘British superiority and insularity exposed by the cold reality of Brexit’. For a wide range of views on Brexit, visit our EU Referendum page. KLICE will publish two contrasting assessments of Brexit, shortly after the UK’s ‘Notification’ of withdrawal at the end of March.


Building work at Tyndale House is almost complete and KLICE has been relocated within the building, but our phone line will be out of service for a little longer. Please use 01223 566601 for now. Thank you for bearing with us at this time.


Also Recommended....

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre is holding a day conference in Oxford on 18 February, entitled 'Abortion, Disability and the Law'. Speakers include Helen Watt, John Finnis, Patricia Casey and John Wyatt. For more details and to book, click here.


The annual Faith in Business conference will be held at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, from 31 March to 2 April. This year's theme is 'Making a Difference: Christian Impact on the Business World'.


Sarx, a charity concerned with Christian Animal Welfare, is holding a one day conference in London on 18 March, entitled 'Is Christianity Good News for Animals?'


The Lesslie Newbigin Summer Institute meets on 10-13 July 2017 at Westminster College, Cambridge. The theme this year is ‘Lesslie Newbigin and the Household of God’. More information is available here.


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