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We are delighted to announce the publication of Calling People of Goodwill – the Bible and the Common Good. An accessible guide to how the Bible speaks to the common good, it is produced by Together for the Common Good in partnership with Bible Society and in association with KLICE and Jesuits in Britain. One of the authors is KLICE Council Member Jonathan Rowe (Diocese of Truro). Organised around 6 biblical passages, it is a ‘compact, pocket-sized booklet, helping thoughtful Christians of all traditions understand the common good in the Bible and respond to God’s calling to transform the world’. Designed as ‘a stimulus for prayer groups, awaydays, parish events, conferences, retreats or just for keeping in your pocket or handbag and reading on the bus’, it comes with high commendations from Archbishop Justice Welby, Rev Dr Chris Wright (Langham Partnership) and many others. Order it here (£3.99).


Old Testament specialist Prof. J Richard Middleton (Northeastern Seminary, NY) is on tour in the UK in April and May, hosted by Thinking Faith Network, Leeds. 

He will be in Cambridge on 2 May at a free event held at the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE, speaking on the theme of his important book A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology (Baker 2014). Book a place here


Tyndale House continues its search for the new KLICE Director. Application deadline is 12 May. Details here.


The next KLICE Research Seminar is joining forces with the Ethics and Social Theology (EST) study group of the Tyndale Fellowship for a one-day conference on 29 June. The theme is ‘Appraising the Challenges and Opportunities Arising from Economic and Business Life Today’. The EST Tyndale Lecture, a public event, will be given by EST Chair and KLICE Council member Rev Dr Andy Hartropp, under the title ‘Economic Greed and Christian Ethics’. The event takes place within the wider Tyndale Fellowship Conference 2017, where booking information can be found.



The latest KLICE Comment is a double-header, in which theologians Richard Bauckham (Emeritus Professor, St. Andrew’s) and Nicholas Townsend (KLICE Research Associate and Visiting Scholar, Sarum College) offer contrasting reflections on Brexit after Article 50. See our EU Referendum page for a wide range of other views on Brexit.


Reformation2017 is a programme of events and initiatives during the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation to explore the resources of the Reformation for social reform and Christian mission today. It is led by the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE and Christian Heritage. One of its flagship initiatives is ‘95 Ways to Change the World’, which invites people to submit ‘95 New Theses’ on social reform. KLICE is planning two public lectures in the university in October (details to follow). For all Reformation2017 events, visit the programme Calendar.


James Gould (PhD cand., Exeter University), who held the KLICE Sir Norman Anderson Award in Law and Christianity from 2013-2016, was recently invited to Princeton University for a seminar series organised by the editors of the American Journal of Jurisprudence.


Research Associate Paul Billingham (Oxford) has published an article, ‘How Should Claims for Religious Exemption Be Weighted?’ in the latest issue of Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 6.1 (2017), 1-23. With Jonathan Chaplin, Paul is also convening a workshop on ‘Religious Diversity, Political Theory and Theology’ at a conference on ‘Public Life and Religious Diversity’ in Oxford in September.


Congratulations to Research Associate Simeon Burke (Edinburgh) who recently got engaged to Olga Fabrikantova, a Tyndale House Reader.


Lawyers save the date: in partnership with Lawyer’s Christian Fellowship, KLICE is holding another two-day summer school for Christians in the law on 16-17 September in Cambridge. Further details to follow. Descriptions of previous summer schools are here.


KLICE now has new telephone numbers. See the contact page.


Also Recommended....

The ‘State of Europe Forum’, organised by Sallux (European Christian Political Movement Foundation), takes place on 7-8 May in Valetta, Malta, on the theme of ‘Towards a Europe of Hope, Healing and Hospitality’. The Forum takes place each year in May in the EU member state which currently holds the Council presidency.


Art, Conflict and Remembering’ is an exhibition of the work of the Derry-based Bogside Artists, creators of the celebrated collection of public murals called The People’s Gallery. It opens at Coventry Cathedral on 25 May, running until the end of June. Unlike sectarian murals across Northern Ireland, these seek to tell the story of the ordinary people of Derry during the Troubles with the aim of promoting truth and reconciliation.


Transforming the Mind’, the National Christian Postgraduate and Postdoc conference, takes place 16-18 June at Dovedale House in the Derbyshire Peak District.


The recently-launched European Academy of Religion meets 18-22 June 2017 in Bologna. KLICE Council member Jessica Giles (Open University) is presenting a paper in a panel on ‘Law, Religion and Tradition: Dismissal or Recovery?’


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