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April ...


Tyndale House has opened a search for the new KLICE Director. Application deadline is 12 May. Details here.


Old Testament specialist Prof. J Richard Middleton (Northeastern Seminary, NY) is on tour in the UK in April and May, hosted by Thinking Faith Network, Leeds. 

He will be in Cambridge on 2 May at a free event held at the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE, speaking on the theme of his important book A New Heaven and a New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology (Baker 2014). Book a place here


The next KLICE Research Seminar is joining forces with the Ethics and Social Theology (EST) study group of the Tyndale Fellowship for a one-day conference on 29 June. The theme is ‘Appraising the Challenges and Opportunities Arising from Economic and Business Life Today’. The EST Tyndale Lecture, a public event, will be given by EST Chair and KLICE Council member Rev Dr Andy Hartropp, under the title ‘Economic Greed and Christian Ethics’. The event takes place within the wider Tyndale Fellowship Conference 2017, where booking information can be found.


Reformation2017 is a programme of events and initiatives during the 500th anniversary year of the Reformation to explore the resources of the Reformation for social reform and Christian mission today. It is led by the Jubilee Centre and co-sponsored by KLICE and Christian Heritage. One of its flagship initiatives is ‘95 Ways to Change the World’, which invites people to submit ‘95 New Theses’ on social reform. KLICE is planning two public lectures in the university in October (details to follow). For all Reformation2017 events, visit the programme Calendar



We said farewell to Colin Bell at the end of March. Colin was appointed in 2010 as Researcher and Administrator on a joint KLICE-Faraday Institute project on environmental ethics, serving as organiser of a major international conference on faith and sustainability in 2012, managing editor of the subsequent book Living Lightly, Living Faithfully (2013) and later, while on the staff of the Faraday Institute, co-editor of a major Lausanne book on Creation Care and the Gospel. Later he took on the role of KLICE Administrator and IT support worker for Tyndale House. We are immensely grateful for all that Colin has contributed over the years, for his multi-sided expertise, his efficiency, his collegiality and his good humour. We wish him all the very best as he moves on to a new role in his native field of IT.

The Administrator role has now been distributed across various Tyndale House staff but KLICE inquiries should still be addressed to


Kevin Hargaden, a Business and Economic Ethics award-holder from 2013-2016, has successfully completed his PhD on theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen. His thesis explored the theological problem of wealth in the parables of Jesus, approaching the question from the perspective of recent Irish economic history. He has also just published his first book, written with Brian Brock and Stanley Hauerwas, entitled Beginnings: Interrogating Stanley Hauerwas (T&T Clark 2017). 

Kevin has now taken up the position of Social Theology Officer for the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in his home city of Dublin. The Centre works to promote social justice by fostering understanding of public policy issues through social analysis and theological reflection, and by advocating for the reform of policy and services. In his role he will both support the existing team in these aims and extend the work of the Centre in penal policy, housing and homelessness, environmental justice, renewal within the Church, and the need for a more just and sustainable model of economic development. Congratulations to Kevin on all three counts!


Congratulations are also in order for Research Associate Kirsty Jones who has been awarded a full international scholarship at Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) to work on disability in the Hebrew Bible, which she will take up in the summer. Meantime she has engagements at multiple conferences in Biblical Studies, Sensory Studies and Disability Theology in Europe and in the USA, and two forthcoming chapters in books published by Routledge and SBL Press. In her spare time, she has been working in supported living for adults with learning disabilities and in a care home for palliative, residential and nursing care.


Jonathan Chaplin gave a lecture on ‘Religious Co-existence and Parallel Morality: A Christian Perspective’ at a conference on ‘Religious Perspectives on Democracy, Civil Society and Constitutionalism’ held in Kuala Lumpur on 14-16 March. The event was hosted by the government-sponsored Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) and co-sponsored by Kairos Dialogue Network (KDN) and other Christian civil society groups. He also gave a talk on ‘Christians and Muslims in a Civil State’ for KDN and led a seminar on public theology at Malaysian Theological Seminary in nearby Seremban.


On 28 March Jonathan attended an invited consultation on ‘21st Century Britain: Moral Sources of the Civic Good’ held at Inner Temple, London. The event launched a collaborative project co-sponsored by Inner and Middle Temple and the Theology & Religious Studies Department and Law School of King’s College London.  The project takes up the proposal made in Living With Difference, the report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life, for a ‘national conversation’ on ‘the fundamental values underlying public life’. A summary of a recent symposium on the report, hosted by the Woolf Institute and co-sponsored by KLICE, is here.


Also Recommended....

Christian Heritage is holding a Cambridge Sixth Form Conference on 22 April, at the Round Church, with the aim of equipping students to ‘engage with and counter the secular culture’. Speakers include Ian Hamilton, Jon Thompson and Andrew Fellows.


A conference on ‘Cultivating Virtue in the University’, organised by the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life, Oxford, takes place 25-26 May.


Art, Conflict and Remembering’ is an exhibition of the work of the Derry-based Bogside Artists, creators of the celebrated collection of public murals called The People’s Gallery. It opens at Coventry Cathedral on 25 May, running until the end of June. Unlike sectarian murals across Northern Ireland, these seek to tell the story of the ordinary people of Derry during the Troubles with the aim of promoting truth and reconciliation.


Transforming the Mind’, the National Christian Postgraduate and Postdoc conference, takes place 16-18 June at Dovedale House in the Derbyshire Peak District.


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