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December 2017...



Since I started at KLICE in September I have been hard at work reviewing all that KLICE has achieved, working on KLICE’s relationship with Tyndale House, and developing a vision for the coming years. Early in 2018 I will send out a Bulletin (see below) about the new vision for KLICE. For now, please note that:

    1. We will be making some changes to the KLICE publications in 2018, reducing them in number but making sure they are packed full of the latest news and comment about all that is important in the world of ethics. We are also looking at new formats to provide space for more substantive writing on key issues. Watch out for further information, which will follow in the New Year.
    2. We have made good progress in integrating KLICE into Tyndale House and will continue to work in this direction. A sign of this is my invitation to become a Senior Research Fellow of Tyndale House, an appointment I am glad and privileged to accept.
    3. The three Seminars I brought with me, as it were, namely The Scripture and Hermeneutics Seminar (SAHS), The Scripture and Doctrine Seminar (SADS), and The Scripture and Church Seminar (SACS) will now operate out of Tyndale House under the name of The Tyndale House Scripture Collective.

In November 2017 the conference took place in Boston, and all three seminars went very well. SAHS continued its examination of the kingdom of God; SADS devoted its second year to divine action in Hebrews and the ongoing priesthood of Jesus; and SACS dealt with the theme of the kingdom of God and everyday liturgies. Some 80+ people attended our Annual Meal, and Peter Williams, Principal of Tyndale House, was our after-dinner speaker. As usual our meal was a highlight of the conference, characterised as it is by deep community and celebration. Supporters of KLICE are warmly invited to participate in future seminars.

I have asked each Seminar to bear ethics in mind as they plan their programmes for the coming year(s). SAHS, in its original form, published an eight-volume series, one of which, A Royal Priesthood, is a profound dialogue with Oliver O’Donovan, and contains responses throughout by him.

For the next two years SAHS is planning to return to ethics and in 2018 is developing a dialogue with the Jewish scholar Jeremiah Unterman’s Justice for All: How the Jewish Bible Revolutionized Ethics, a rich examination of ethics in the Hebrew Bible by an excellent Jewish scholar.

In 2019 SAHS plans to return to our earlier engagement with Oliver O’Donovan’s seminal work. Since A Royal Priesthood was published, Oliver has continued to produce a number of important works, and SAHS in 2019 will use A Royal Priesthood as a springboard for engaging with O’Donovan’s more recent work.



On 1 December 2017 Simeon Burke presented a paper at the Biblical Studies Seminar in the University of Edinburgh, entitled “Early Christian Re-uses of Anecdotes and Maxims: The ‘Render’ Command and Its Implications for Early Roman Morality.” 

The launch of The Greek New Testament, Produced At Tyndale House (Cambridge University Press and Crossway) went very well in Boston. It is designed to get us reading the Greek New Testament, and we encourage you to get a copy and make it a goal for 2018 to read through the entire Greek NT. Tyndale House has ambitious plans to get many, many Christians doing just this.

Liturgical music is a wonderful gift in Advent. A few weeks ago, I attended a marvellous and deeply moving Advent Procession at Great St Mary's church in Cambridge. A particular highlight was the choir’s rendition of Benedict Todd’s Rorate caeli (“Drop down dew” from Isaiah 45:8 in the Vulgate). What caught my attention was not only how worshipful this anthem was but also that the composer is so young. You can hear some of his recordings including Rorate caeli on his website at


Supporting KLICE

We are busy planning for the coming years of KLICE and welcome your prayers and financial support in this respect. If you would like to make an Advent gift to the work of KLICE you can find the details on our website at


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