Christianity and the Political Parties
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This page collects together work both from KLICE and others on the relationship between Christianity and the main British political parties. Some was commissioned in the run up to elections, but with a deliberately wide historical focus, so with plenty to help readers engage with political issues, not just when deciding how to vote, but in the period between elections as well. Our contributions won't advise you how to vote but may help to think more critically about your political allegiance. Some authors belong to and support the parties they discuss, others don't. 

Our major offerings include three short books published jointly with the Bible Society through the 'Christianity and British Political Parties' project in 2010. They assess the Christian contribution to the parties' traditions and proposing how Christian thought might contribute critically to the development of the parties' thinking and policy, and were written with the involvement of the Christian groups in each party: the Christian Socialist Movement (now Christians on the Left), the Conservative Christian Fellowship, and the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.

As a follow-up, before the 2015 General Election KLICE commissioned a special series of Ethics in Brief asking the same questions, revisiting the three main parties, and adding the Greens, SNP and Plaid Cymru, as well as an introductory piece and one on European Christian Democracy. We also include here two essays on UKIP. 

Finally we include a selection of articles written by ourselves and others relating to previous elections and the Scottish Referendum, and a section of links to relevant organisations. Inclusion on this page does not include endorsement of content.

For coverage of the recent EU Referendum, please see our separate coverage.

Political Parties

Christianity and British Political Parties

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Special Ethics in Brief 2015 Election series

Party and cross-party groups

Christians in Parliament - an All Party Parliamentary Group

Christians in Politics - an all-party, non-denominational platform

Christians on the Left

Conservative Christian Fellowship

Liberal Democrat Christian Forum

2015 General Election

KLICE Election Comment pieces

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