1. Hope for Creation

A four-year project from 2010-2013 on environmental theology and ethics in partnership with the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge. The project issued in academic and popular publications, events, and an international and inter-faith conference - Sustainability in Crisis - in September 2011. It was funded by the generous support of The Templeton Foundation, The Kirby Laing Foundation, and a private trust.

Project Director: Dr. Robert White, Professor of Geophysics, Cambridge University, and Associate Director, Faraday Institute

Project staff:

Dr Jonathan Chaplin, KLICE Director

Colin Bell, Faraday Institute: Researcher and Administrator (2010-2014)

Colin brought an extensive background in science and computing and a MA in theology from London School of Theology. He served as conference administrator, project research assistant and managing editor of the book that came out of the conference, Living Lightly, Living Faithfully: religions and the future of sustainability. 




Clare Redfern, a qualified doctor, worked on media-related issues for the Faraday Institute and was attached to the project part-time. She remains active in church-based environmental campaigns.

Hilary Marlow was a postdoctoral researcher on the project until September 2011. Her doctoral thesis was published by Oxford University Press as Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics (2009). While on the project she completed a Grove Booklet on The Earth is the Lord’s: A Biblical Response to Environmental Issues, and three book chapters on OT environmental ethics. She currently serves as Course Director, Faraday Institute.

Jonathan Moo was postdoctoral researcher on the project until May 2011. He also served as Affiliated Lecture in New Testament at the Cambridge University Divinity Faculty. He has published widely in NT environmental theology. He took up a teaching position in New Testament at Whitworth College, Seattle in summer 2010.

2. God and Government

A two-year project from 2009-2011 on political theology in partnership with the London-based public theology think-tank Theos, funded by two private trusts.

The first phase was completed with the publication of God and Government, addressing the theology of government. The book is written by specialists but aimed at political practitioners and anyone interested in a Christian perspective on British politics. Co-edited by Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplin, it was published by SPCK in October 2009. Contributors include: Bishop N. T. Wright, Clifford Longly, Philip Booth, Nigel Wright, Julian Rivers, Andrew Bradstock, Nicholas Townsend, David McIlroy. Archbishop Rowan Williams writes a Preface.

The second phase was launched at a parliamentary event on 10 February 2010 at which Bishop Tom Wright gave a spirited lecture on the theme of the book, 'God and Government'. The Director of KLICE responded. The project reached its conclusion at a conference in London in November 2011 organised by Theos and attended by 120. A complimentary copy of the book has been distributed to several hundred MPs and Peers known to have interest in Christian political thought.

For an extensive review article on the book, click here.

Project team: Nick Spencer (Theos) and Jonathan Chaplin (KLICE).

3. Christianity and British Political Parties

A project in collaboration with and funded by the Bible Society. The project aimed to feed some fresh Christian political thinking into the three main British political parties via the channels of the Christian groups in each party, which were partners in the project: Christian Socialist Movement (now Christians on the Left); Conservative Christian Fellowship; Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.

The first phase involved the production of three accessible publications assessing the Christian contribution to the parties’ traditions and proposing how Christian thought might contribute critically to the development of the parties’ thinking and policy. This phase was completed by summer 2010. The three writers are Stephen Backhouse (Liberal Democrats), Paul Bickley (Labour), and Joshua Hordern (Conservative). Jonathan Chaplin and David Landrum edited the publications.

The second phase consisted of the launch of these publications at fringe meetings at the annual party conferences in September and October 2010.




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