Whitefield Briefing - the house publication of the Whitefield Institute, KLICE's predecessor

March 1996
vol.1 no.1 Moral Relativism - Schools and Society - David Cook
vol.1 no.2 Pastoral Counselling - Alistair Ross

July 1996
vol.1 no.3 Divine Judgement - Tony Gray
vol.1 no.4 Postmodernism: Friend or Foe? - Mark Elliott

Nov. 1996
vol.1 no.5 Other Religions: A Christian Appraisal - Chris Sinkinson
vol.1 no.6 Thinking Christianly about Politics - Andrew Goddard

March 1997
vol.2 no.1 Culture: Growth Towards Glory - Campbell Campbell-Jack
vol.2 no.2 The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius - Chris Partridge

July 1997
vol.2 no.3 Can We Confidently Make a Stand? - Mark Thompson
vol.2 no.4 Faith as Believing and Acting - Adam Hood

Nov. 1997
vol.2 no.5 James Fowler's Concept of Faith Development - An Evangelical Perspective - Fred Hughes
vol.2 no.6 Youth Culture and World View - David Howell

March 1998
vol.3 no.1 The Spiritual in Modern Education - Trevor Cooling
vol.3 no.2 Eschatology and the Social Order: A Historical Perspective - Richard Turnbull

July 1998
vol.3 no.3 Health Care Ethics: The Child B Case A Proposed Framework for Moral Decision-Making - Katherine Wasson.
vol.3 no.4 Stillborn Funeral Liturgies in Theological Perspective - Gareth E. Williams

Nov. 1998
vol.3 no.5 Is the Watchmaker Really Blind? - John Lennox
vol.3 no.6 Michael Polanyi and Christian Witness to the Secular Society - Julian Ward

March 1999
vol.4 no.1 Between Jos and Oxford Personal Reflections on Theology between two Continents - David Smith
vol.4 no.2 Should Ecumenism Matter for Evangelicals? - Robert Amess

July 1999
vol.4 no.3 Xenotransplantation - David Cook
vol.4 no.4 The Bible Between Modernity and Post-Modernity - Timothy Ward

Nov. 1999
vol.4 no.5 A New Twist in Secular Moral Philosophy, and its Implications for Christian Ethics and Apologetics - David C. Lahti
vol.4 no.6 How Not to Do Environmental Theology: Matthew Fox and Creation Spirituality - David Keen

March 2000
vol.5 no.1 A Truly Serious Offence? Modern Law and the Problem of 'Seriousness' - Jonathan Burnside
vol.5 no.2 Towards a Biblical View on Politics - Andrew Basden

July 2000
vol.5 no.3 A Good Investment? Speech Acts and Biblical Interpretation - Richard Briggs
vol.5 no.4 Exceptions to the Rule? The Salvation of Old Testament Believers and the Unevangelised - Daniel Strange

Nov. 2000
vol.5 no.5 For what May We Hope? Karl Barth's 'Theology of Hope' - John C McDowell
vol.5 no.6 Religious Broadcasting: Staying in the Mainstream - Gillian McKinnon

March 2001
vol 6. no.1 From Sacred text to Educational Context - John Shortt
vol 6 no.2 Evangelical Theology and the Future: Some Modest Proposals for the Agenda - David Smith

July 2001
vol 6 no 3 Christian Belief and the Spirituality of Education - David I. Smith
vol 6 no 4 What's So Dangerous about Grace? - Tony Lane

Nov 2001
vol 6 no 5 Inspecting Spiritual Development - Andrew Marfleet
vol 6 no 6 The Trouble with Expository Preaching - Nigel Lee

March 2002
vol 7 no 1 Acts 17 as an Apologetic Model - Lars Dahle
vol 7 no 2 Integrating Faith and learning - an Empirical Case Study from a C of E Secondary School - Ruth Deakin-Crick

June 2002
vol 7 no 3 Theological Education: Holy Calling to Scholarship - Kenneth Roxburgh
vol 7 no 4 How do We Address Human Needs and Wants in Health Care - Katherine Wasson

December 2002
vol 7 no5 After Secularism: Inner-city Governance and the New Religious Discourse - Jenny Taylor
vol 7 no 6 Encountering & Engaging a Post Modern Context: Applying the Apologetic Model in Acts 17- Lars Dahle

April 2003
vol 8 no 1 Science & Religion - an Introduction - Mike Poole

August 2003
vol 8 no 2 By What Right Do Christians Have Property? The Teachings of Medieval Franciscans - Young-hae Chi
vol 8 no 3 Muslim Methods of Qur'an Interpretation - Martin Whittingham
vol 8 no 4 You Were What You Wore in Roman law - Bruce W Winter

December 2003
vol 8 no 5 Divorce for 'Any Cause' - David Instone-Brewer
vol 8 no 6 Leadership in schools - Is There a Biblical Paradigm? - Ian O'Harae

April 2004

vol 9 no 1 Public Reason - Julian Rivers
vol 9 no 2 Are We Any Use? Bonhoeffer and the Ruling Classes - Nigel Oakley

August 2004
vol 9.3 Written in Stone. The Ten Commandments Then & Now - David Baker
vol. 9.4 The Importance of Nietzsche - Stephen Williams

December 2004
vol. 9.5 God of Creation; God of Science - Denis Alexander
vol. 9.6 'Know Thyself'? A Lesson in Christological Anthropology from Irenaeus of Lyons - Michael Reeves

April 2005
vol 10 no 1 The Trinity, Politics and the Law - David McIlroy
vol 10 no 2 Can a Mother Forget a Baby at Her Breast? Child Exposure Among Jews and Christians - Erkki Koskenniemi

August 2005
vol 10 no 3 The Role of Business in Making Poverty History: Liberation vs Transformation - Peter S Heslam
vol 10 no 4 Keeping Faith In Prisons: Evaluating the Policy and Ppractice of Faith-based Prison Units - Jonathan Burnside

December 2005
vol 10 no 5 Paul's Pastoral Paradigm for Civil Partnerships - Bruce Winter
vol 10 no 6 Neuroethics in Christian Perspective - David Cook


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