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  • KLICE doctoral award-holder Tony Banda successfully completed a doctoral thesis in December at the University of Durham, on 'Rethinking Rationality: Theological Anthropology in Light of Profound Cognitive Impairment, Relationality, Embodiment and Personhood'.
  • Andrew Goddard is part of a group helping develop the courses for teaching ethics as part of the Church of England's new Common Awards curriculum. The group holds its first meeting in London on 9 January.
  • Andrew is speaking to a group of CARE Leadership Programme interns on 'faith' as part of a series on the fruit of the Spirit in London on 1 February.
  • Andrew wrote a piece for Fulcrum on the recent announcement from the Church of England about bishops in civil partnerships, and an article 'Sharp Bits on a Circle' in a series in The Living Church on the ongoing women bishops debate.
  • Andrew will be involved in a dialogue on homosexuality and the church before a group of sixth formers at the Philosophy Society, Francis Holland School, London on 5 February.
  • Andrew is writing one of the latest Ethics in Brief articles on the government's proposals to introduce same-sex marriage, out next week.
  • Director Jonathan Chaplin has several speaking engagements over the next three weeks:
    • 3 talks on Christianity and politics at Institut Berg, held at University of Zürich, 11-12 January.
    • a paper on 'Subsidiary and Social Pluralism' at the School of Divinity and Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen, 30 January.
    • a public debate organised by SOLAS - Centre for Public Christianity, with Alistair McBay of the National Secular Society, on 'A Secular Society?', Edinburgh, 31 January.
    • a lecture on 'Talking God: A Christian Voice in a Secular Society?', Scottish Group of Lawyers Christian Fellowship, 2 February, Edinburgh.

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