Ethics in Conversation (formerly Ethics in Brief) offers succinct, insightful Christian perspectives on a range of contemporary ethical issues.


23.4 Christian Higher Education: Another Jewel in Another Crown? - Trevor Cooling

Spring 2019

23.3 Christian Higher Education - Craig Bartholomew

Autumn 2018

23.2 University Polarisation and the Heterodox Academy - Matthew Rowley
23.1 The Concept of Limitation in Emil Brunner's Ethics - Cody M. Chambers

Summer 2017

22.6 Relational Companies: A Christian Perspective On Corporate Responsibility - Jonathan Rushworth
22.5 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children: Shaping A Church Response - Tim Davy & Mark Walley

Spring 2017

22.4 Reasonable Accommodation and Religious Liberty - Alasdair Henderson
22.3 Why Do Humans Allow Suffering? Towards a Better Theology of 'Natural' Disasters - Roger Abbott

Autumn 2017

22.2 Ancient Laws for New Challenges: The Ten Commandments as a Critique of Inequality - Mark Glanville
22.1 Why a strong state needs a strong civil society – in the West and in China - Jonathan Chaplin

Summer 2016

21.6 Dementia: Living in the Memories of God — a review - Kirsty Jones
21.5 Fundamental British Values and the Virtues of Civic Loyalty - Julian Rivers

Spring 2016

21.4 ‘Male and Female He Created Them’? Theological Reflections on Gender, Biology and Identity - Andrew Sloane
21.3 Evangelical Spirituality and Hunting - Philip Sampson. Replies by S Withrow King, D Danielson, M Rowley + author response (May 2017).

2016 EU Referendum Series

No. 3 The destiny of the EU - from a secular market-state to a civic commonwealth? - Adrian Pabst
No. 2 Rejecting Project Fear for Project Hope: Creating the Moral Case for the Remain Campaign - Ben Ryan
No. 1 Brexit Unless... Three Fundamental Conditions for Staying in the EU - Michael Schluter

Autumn 2015

21.2 How Should We Respond to Religious Violence: Fifteen Ways to Critique our own Thoughts - Matthew Rowley
21.1 The relationship between shari'a, ethics and public life - Philip Lewis

Summer 2015

20.6 Creation Care in Africa: Theology, Practice and Intercultural Dialogue - Amy Ross
20.5 Reason, law and religious freedom - Stephen Williams

Spring 2015

20.4 The Rise and Demise of Thomas Cook Travel: A Case Study of the Relevance of a Christian Approach to Business - Andrew Basden
20.3 The Curious Case of the Kind Evangelicals - Philip Sampson

2015 Election Series

No. 8 Old, New, Borrowed and Blue - Christian Socialism and the Labour Tradition - Paul Bickley
No. 7 Blue Labour + Red Tory = Christian Democracy? - Nicholas Townsend
No. 6 A Greener Faith: Christianity and the Green Party - Tim Cooper and Colin Bell
No. 5 Plaid Cymru, Welsh Nationalism and Christianity - a historical perspective - Rhys Llwyd
No. 4 The Scottish National Party in Theological Perspective - Doug Gay
No. 3 Christianity and conservatism: trust, civil society, enterprise and internationalism - Joshua Hordern
No. 2 We are All Liberals Now: Freedom and Liberalism in the Liberal Democrat Party and Beyond - Stephen Backhouse
No. 1 The State of the Parties - Paul Bickley

Autumn 2014

20.2 Nigel Biggar, In Defence of War - A Review Essay - Philip Powell
20.1 Justice after Conflict - Bethan Willis

Summer 2014

19.6 Love or Nothing? Locating the Question of Modern Belief - Ian Clausen
19.5 Good News for Law? - Julian Rivers

Spring 2014

19.4 Truthful Lies: The Ethics of Lying in the Old Testament - Jonathan Rowe
19.3 The Problem of Human Rights - David McIlroy

Autumn 2013

19.2 Disability in the Christian Tradition: A Reader: Theological Contributions to Disability Discourse - Benjamin S. Wall
19.1 Defining Death: new pathways to consider - Claire Hordern

Summer 2013

18.6 Nicholas Wolterstorff, Justice in Love - a review and response - Jonathan Chaplin
18.5 Strasbourg, Conscience and Religious Belief - Mark Campbell

Spring 2013

18.4 Reframing the Same-Sex Marriage Debate - Andrew Goddard
18.3 Haiti - An Unnatural Disaster - Roger Abbott and Robert (Bob) White

Autumn 2012

18.2 A Time to Marry - Twice - Jonathan Chaplin
18.1 The Folly of Attributional Personhood - Tom Miller

Spring 2012

17.6 Animals and God's plan for the world - David Williams
17.5 God, justice and society: an overview - Will Kynes

Winter 2011

17.4 UKIP and the Common Good - Christopher Orton
17.3 Is Christian Forgiveness Conditional? - David John Sandifer

Summer 2011

17.2 The Church's response to the coming 'crisis of sustainability' - Colin Bell
17.1 Environmental Apocalypse and Christian Hope - Robert White & Jonathan Moo

Spring 2011

16.6 Christian Finance? - David McIlroy
16.5 Civil Partnerships, Religion, and the State - Andrew Goddard

Autumn 2010

16.4 Christianity and the Political Parties - KLICE and the Bible Society
16.3 In Search of "Better Humans" and a Brave New World - Nigel Cameron and Matt James

Summer 2010

16.2 The Current Economic and Financial Crisis: Where Are We Now? - Andrew Hartropp
16.1 Abortion and Conscientious Objection - Daniel J. Hill

Spring 2010

15.2 How Should Christians Vote in 2010? - Jonathan Chaplin
15.1 Moral Goods: A Common Denominator for Old Testament Ethics - Jonathan Y. Rowe

Autumn 2009

14.2 Political Forgiveness - Harry Bunting
14.1 A Case Against Permitting Intentional Medical Killing - Nigel Biggar

Spring 2009

13.6 Ethics of Information Technology - Andrew Basden
13.5 Talking God: The Legitimacy of Religious Public Reasoning - Jonathan Chaplin

Winter 2008

13.4 Building God’s Empire or Ours? The Purpose of Work in Business - Cal Bailey
13.3 Embryos and Genes, Clones and Cybrids: Aspects of the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act - John Bryant

Summer 2008

13.2 Reading the ‘Two Book’s’: A Christian Approach to Organisational Leadership - Maarten Verkerk
13.1 Knowing God and Loving Others: A Biblical Account of Christian Knowing - Justin Thacker

Spring 2008

12.6 Has Multiculturalism Had its Day? Towards a Christian Assessment - Jonathan Chaplin & Jenny Taylor
12.5 Greed as False Religion - Brian Rosner

Autumn 2007

12.4 The Humanisation of Slavery in Old Testament Law - David L Baker
12.3 Challenges in Business Ethics - Simon Webley

Summer 2007

12.2 What Role Ought the Bible to Play in Christian Ethics? ‘Developing a Hermeneutic’ vs. ‘Immersion in Tradition’ - Brian Brock
12.1 Tube-Feeding Patients in PVS - James E. Read

Spring 2007

11.6 Understanding Liberal Regimes of Tolerance - Jonathan Chaplin
11.5 The Community Context of Biblical Sexual Ethics - Jonathan Burnside

Autumn 2006

11.4 To Veil or Not to Veil: Multiculturalism and the Bible - Gordon Wenham
11.3 Christian Justification for Democracy - Jonathan Chaplin

Summer 2006

11.2 Christian reflection on Infertility and the ARTs - Kenneth Magnuson
11.1 The Abuse of Equality - Julian Rivers

The Whitefield Briefing, archived below, was the house publication of the Whitefield Institute, KLICE’s predecessor.


10.6 Neuroethics in Christian Perspective - David Cook
10.5 Paul's Pastoral Paradigm for Civil Partnerships - Bruce Winter
10.4 Keeping Faith In Prisons: Evaluating the Policy and Practice of Faith-based Prison Units - Jonathan Burnside
10.3 The Role of Business in Making Poverty History: Liberation vs Transformation - Peter S Heslam
10.2 Can a Mother Forget a Baby at Her Breast? Child Exposure Among Jews and Christians - Erkki Koskenniemi
10.1 The Trinity, Politics and the Law - David McIlroy


9.6 'Know Thyself'? A Lesson in Christological Anthropology from Irenaeus of Lyons - Michael Reeves
9.5 God of Creation; God of Science - Denis Alexander
9.4 The Importance of Nietzsche - Stephen Williams
9.3 Written in Stone. The Ten Commandments Then & Now - David Baker
9.2 Are We Any Use? Bonhoeffer and the Ruling Classes - Nigel Oakley
9.1 Public Reason - Julian Rivers


8.6 Leadership in schools - Is There a Biblical Paradigm? - Ian O'Harae
8.5 Divorce for 'Any Cause' - David Instone-Brewer
8.4 You Were What You Wore in Roman law - Bruce W Winter
8.3 Muslim Methods of Qur'an Interpretation - Martin Whittingham
8.2 By What Right Do Christians Have Property? The Teachings of Medieval Franciscans - Young-hae Chi
8.1 Science & Religion - an Introduction - Mike Poole


7.6 Encountering & Engaging a Post Modern Context: Applying the Apologetic Model in Acts 17- Lars Dahle
7.5 After Secularism: Inner-city Governance and the New Religious Discourse - Jenny Taylor
7.4 How do We Address Human Needs and Wants in Health Care - Katherine Wasson
7.3 Theological Education: Holy Calling to Scholarship - Kenneth Roxburgh
7.2 Integrating Faith and learning - an Empirical Case Study from a C of E Secondary School - Ruth Deakin-Crick
7.1 Acts 17 as an Apologetic Model - Lars Dahle


6.6 The Trouble with Expository Preaching - Nigel Lee
6.5 Inspecting Spiritual Development - Andrew Marfleet
6.4 What's So Dangerous about Grace? - Tony Lane
6.3 Christian Belief and the Spirituality of Education - David I. Smith
6.2 Evangelical Theology and the Future: Some Modest Proposals for the Agenda - David Smith
6.1 From Sacred text to Educational Context - John Shortt


5.6 Religious Broadcasting: Staying in the Mainstream - Gillian McKinnon
5.5 For what May We Hope? Karl Barth's 'Theology of Hope' - John C. McDowell
5.4 Exceptions to the Rule? The Salvation of Old Testament Believers and the Unevangelised - Daniel Strange
5.3 A Good Investment? Speech Acts and Biblical Interpretation - Richard Briggs
5.2 Towards a Biblical View on Politics - Andrew Basden
5.1 A Truly Serious Offence? Modern Law and the Problem of 'Seriousness' - Jonathan Burnside


4.6 How Not to Do Environmental Theology: Matthew Fox and Creation Spirituality - David Keen
4.5 A New Twist in Secular Moral Philosophy, and its Implications for Christian Ethics and Apologetics - David C. Lahti
4.4 The Bible Between Modernity and Post-Modernity - Timothy Ward
4.3 Xenotransplantation - David Cook
4.2 Should Ecumenism Matter for Evangelicals? - Robert Amess
4.1 Between Jos and Oxford Personal Reflections on Theology between two Continents - David Smith


3.6 Michael Polanyi and Christian Witness to the Secular Society - Julian Ward
3.5 Is the Watchmaker Really Blind? - John Lennox
3.4 Stillborn Funeral Liturgies in Theological Perspective - Gareth E. Williams
3.3 Health Care Ethics: The Child B Case A Proposed Framework for Moral Decision-Making - Katherine Wasson
3.2 Eschatology and the Social Order: A Historical Perspective - Richard Turnbull
3.1 The Spiritual in Modern Education - Trevor Cooling


2.6 Youth Culture and World View - David Howell
2.5 James Fowler's Concept of Faith Development - An Evangelical Perspective - Fred Hughes
2.4 Faith as Believing and Acting - Adam Hood
2.3 Can We Confidently Make a Stand? - Mark Thompson
2.2 The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius - Chris Partridge
2.1 Culture: Growth Towards Glory - Campbell Campbell-Jack


1.6 Thinking Christianly about Politics - Andrew Goddard
1.5 Other Religions: A Christian Appraisal - Chris Sinkinson
1.4 Postmodernism: Friend or Foe? - Mark Elliott
1.3 Divine Judgement - Tony Gray
1.2 Pastoral Counselling - Alistair Ross
1.1 Moral Relativism - Schools and Society - David Cook