Forthcoming Events

Just Pay: what does the Bible have to say about the Gig economy?

Wednesday 2nd October, 18:30-20:00, Westminster College, Cambridge

Speakers: Calum Samuelson and Tim Young, with Sue Halliday (Acting Director, KLICE) and Richard Higginson (Chair, Faith in Business)

This talk introduces the biblical ideas of justice, dignity and reward as a challenge to contemporary remuneration practices (as outlined in Jubilee Centre’s recently published report, Just Pay: a biblical perspective on the ethics of remuneration). Furthermore, considering the continuing rise of participation in the Gig Economy, this talk will outline how these biblical themes may be invaluable to both employers and employees moving forward in the near future.

In collaboration with Faith in Business and the Jubilee Centre

Artificially Intelligent? AI and a theology of surprise

artificial-intelligence-3382507_1280 (1).jpg

Thursday 3rd October, 12:30-13:30, Jubilee Centre Cambridge

Speakers: Calum Samuelson and Charlee New

How might Christians develop a theology of surprise to help them avoid undue fear, naive optimism, and resigned apathy with regard to Artificial Intelligence?  Join Calum Samuelson (author of Artificially Intelligent: grappling with the myths, present realities and future trajectories of AI) and Jubilee Centre’s Charlee New for a lunchtime discussion in the Jubilee Lounge (2nd floor of 59 St Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ).

Supported by Faith in Business, the Jubilee Centre, and KLICE

Image: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay