From the Director:

The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics (KLICE) is a wonderful gift. Founded in 2006, KLICE exists to contribute an authentic Christian perspective on biblical, theological and public ethics in the United Kingdom and beyond. It is strategically situated in Tyndale House with its international reputation for biblical studies, and located amidst the richness and expertise of Cambridge University. Our dream is to develop KLICE into a dynamic, international research centre in ethics, opening out into the University, the UK and further afield, which also produces first-rate materials at the accessible, popular level. As such, KLICE will become known for high-level academic work, in the service of the church, and directed towards the flourishing of all creation.

Foundational to our work is Christian spirituality: we seek to be grounded ever again in prayer and Scripture. On the basis of spirituality is community, and at the heart of KLICE is our intellectual community seeking to work together to achieve our goals. We seek to complement our many sister organizations doing excellent work in public policy by producing rigorous academic work in different disciplines with an ethical orientation.

The klice research institute (kri)

A central part of KLICE is the KLICE Research Institute, which is made up of a group of scholars from different disciplines. The KRI meets for a day each month to build community, enhance one another’s scholarship, and to work on joint projects.

Through the KRI and in other ways KLICE attends to the following areas of ethics:

  1. Biblical Foundations – led by Dr David Armitage

  2. Theological and Philosophical Foundations – led by Dr Craig Bartholomew

  3. Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship – led by Dr Sue Halliday

  4. Journalism and Media – led by Dr Jenny Taylor

  5. Health Care and Medicine – led by Prof. John Wyatt

  6. The Arts – led by Dr Nigel Halliday and Genevieve Wedgbury

  7. Law and Politics

  8. Science